Things to Consider When Purchasing a Portable Air Conditioner

Although everyone would love to have air conditioning during the hot summer months, the truth is that central air conditioning units may not be inexpensive enough for anyone to afford nor flexible enough to fit in any space. Window air conditioning units work well too, but they may not fit in just any window. Clearly, the best option is to use a portable air conditioner. Not only do portable air conditioners address the above issues, but they also have many other advantages.

First of all, portable AC’s are easy to move around; in fact, they are meant to be flexible enough to move from place to place, whenever it may be needed. Many units are mounted on casters to make moving them around easier and less stressful. Consider these conditioners for any room or area that may not need cooling everywhere, such as a warehouse or extra large room. Most portable AC’s are electrically powered, but there are also many types that use batteries. Battery-powered models are meant for use in vehicles or any other place in which there is no readily accessible power source.

These units also provide many other benefits. Anyone who has allergies or respiratory disorders may find models with built in air filters particularly helpful. Some models may also have dehumidifiers included, making them well suited to humid climates. For ultimate flexibility, consider buying a unit that can serve as an air conditioner in summer and a heater in winter. This is especially helpful in temperate climates, which have vast temperature differences between summer and winter.

Unfortunately, portable AC’s do have their drawbacks. While they may be fairly easy to store when they are not being used, this type of AC unit may take up a large amount of floor space – from 12 to 18 inches. panasonic ac 1 ton 3 star They may also be as much as thirty inches tall, so might be unsuitable for a very small room. One other drawback is that portable models may not be as powerful as central or window air conditioners. However, the flexibility of these units allows one to place them in a strategic location to maximize air flow without using needless energy. Other types of air conditioners, such as central or window units, certainly do not allow this kind of strategic placement.

Many well known brands make portable air conditioner units in addition to their other product lines. Three of the most well known include Haier, Maytag, and Amcor.

Haier air conditioners are known for being quiet and relatively affordable. While they are efficient as other models, their noise reducing design means peace and quiet for your home. A Haier portable air conditioner will generally cost between $250 and $325.

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